Why a Stainless Steel Pool?

“Why use a stainless steel pool or steel hot tub?” is a very common question we get.  Stainless steel pools (and steel hot tubs) offer a variety of advantages over concrete pools, mainly based on the characteristics of steel and how it can be used in a pool.  Lower weight, excellent structural strength and resulting low long-term maintenance needs make stainless steel the ideal material for your pool, spa or hot tub construction!

When it is properly maintained, a stainless steel aquatic vessel (pool, spa or hot tub) has extremely good corrosion resistance and also has an enduring aesthetic quality to it.  The strong and light-weight qualities of steel  make it ideal for pools & spas for both in-ground and in above grade installations.  This means you can have a stainless steel pool installed on an upper level of your building or home, often times without having to make modifications to your primary structural support.  The same goes for a steel hot tub or steel spa!

Weight of Stainless Steel Pools vs Concrete Pools

Weight is one of the primary factors which sets stainless steel pools apart from concrete pools. In comparing the strength to weight and full-load weight of stainless steel pools (or a stainless steel hot tub) in on-grade or above-grade floors, a stainless steel pool can weight up to 300% less than a concrete pool of similar size.  Because of the lower total pool weight often times this means you will not have to make major structural support changes to accommodate a steel pool inside of, or on top of a structure.  This gives you a much greater range of where you can put a steel pool, steel spa or a steel hot tub.  Hospitality clients can install steel pools on upper floors of buildings.  Home owners can install steel pools on raised decks.  Boat owners can install steel hot tubs on their yachts.

Lifespan and Pool Longevity

Stainless Aquatics works with stainless steel aquatic vessels for all our steel pools, spas and steel hot tubs.  We install steel pools fabricated from 316L and 304L stainless steel.  The properties of stainless steel give it many advantages over traditional concrete pools including ease of custom designs and excellent long-term structural rigidity.  Stainless steel is extremely well suited to provide long-lasting, low maintenance, corrosion-resistant pools and hot tubs.

According to the Specialty Steel Industry of North America, “the longevity of stainless is the result of the alloying composition and, therefore, it has a natural corrosion resistance.”  The material will not delaminate, crack, peel, discolor, leak or require renewing finishes over the lifespan of the product.

Leak Resistant Strength

Often times the biggest problem with above grade pools is leaking. The common slight structural movements that can happen can put stress on the concrete structure itself as well as around the various pool plumbing and lighting fixtures – – which can often lead to leaks. The construction and any repair timeline also puts pressure on teams to limit the time the pools are being built or repaired, thus causing shortages of time for proper curing of leak inhibitors.

One major advantage is that stainless steel pools are fabricated ahead of time, waterproofed in place and tested while filling to avoid all the problems that concrete pools can bring.  The same great benefits apply for stainless steel hot tubs as well!